Episode 56 - iOS6, Fitbit One + Fitbit Zip, SpiroSmart, Growler On Board

Show Notes:

1. iOS6: With the launch of the iPhone 5, which may seem like old news by now, Apple also released iOS6. And, you can safely assume that we have much to say about some of our favorite and not so favorite updates and features.

2. Fitbit One + Fitbit Zip: Fitbit, the fabulous activity monitor, has two new brag-worthy products - Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip. The former tracks your steps, distance, stairs climed, calories burned, and sleep quality while the latter is smaller and boasts similar features, with the exception of tracking your zzzz's. 

Twitter: @fitbit

3. SpiroSmart: An app that allows you to measure your lung capacity with your phone. Mad props to the team of students at University of Washington's Ubicomp Lab who developed this highly practical, medical app. It's precise, accurate, and just plain extraordinary.

4. Growler On Board: Who doesn't love a good growler? Well, if you love your growler as much as your child, which, granted, is highly HIGHLY unlikely (we hope!) - though it may come in second or third - you'll love this so-called 'Beer Transport Unit'.  

Happy geeking!

G + Kyra

Episode 55 - Nikon D600, LearnVest, YouTube App for iOS, Salt + Water Lantern, Prepara Dressing Whiz

Show Notes:

1. Nikon D600: We love Nikon and have been shooting with it for years. They recently introduced the D600, a full-frame that is not only smaller and lighter than its counterparts, but less expensive as well. 

Twitter: @NikonUSA

2. LearnVest: Formerly a woman-focused financial planning company, LearnVest has now opened its doors, so to speak, to the entire world. And, they've updated their site and offerings...including a Money Center.

Twitter: @LearnVest

3. YouTube App for iOS: It's about time, right? Hahaha...  YouTube now has an app for you to download to your iPhone and iPad. We're super excited to start using it!

Twitter: @YouTube

4. Salt + Water Lantern: A product of Japan's Greenhouse, this lantern runs on - you probably didn't guess it - water and salt. Random, I know. But, cool? Definitely. This lantern is perfect for camping and on-the-go usage.

5. Prepara Dressing Whiz: If you're into experimenting in the kitchen and making your own salad dressing, this product is worth checking out. It's a small blender specifically for dressing. Also available on Amazon.

Twitter: @prepara

Happy geeking!

G + Kyra

Episode 54: iPhone 5, JBL's Flip / Micro Wireless / Micro II, DipJar, Cooler Bag

We're baaaccckk...again! I can feel the excitement. =)

Show Notes:

1. iPhone 5 (with a small rumor-induced question mark): For some reason, it feels like it’s been ages since the release of a new iPhone. Finally, the day has (almost) arrived! The event is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 12th. So, get ready for the currently still slightly unofficial but likely soon-to-be official unveiling...we’re oh-so-thrilled!

2. JBL's Latest Portable Speakers: JBL has released three awesome new speakers - the Flip, Micro Wireless, and Micro II. They’re highly portable, fitting into your pocket or backpack, with built-in bass. Oh, and it gets better. They’re unbelievably affordable! We love JBL. 

Twitter: @JBLaudio

3. DipJar: Imagine a bill-free tip jar? Yes, it now exists and goes by the name: DipJar. So, the next time you go to grab a coffee at one of the Seattle-based staples and you feel inspired to give your favorite barista or latte-ista a tip, you can do so with the simple swipe of your credit card, well, assuming they have it set up. 

Twitter: @dipjar

4. Cooler Bag: Bring on the six pack of your beverage of choice because there’s a new, functional, designer-ish cooler making the rounds. We love this concept for all those Sunday tailgating parties, the weekday office lunch ritual, or both! Major credit to the designer, Jakob Wagner for Menu A/S Denmark. For more information, check out the Plastica Shop and Swiss-Miss.

Beaucoup de thanks to you all for tuning in again! xoxo

Happy geeking!

G + Kyra