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Episode 56 - iOS6, Fitbit One + Fitbit Zip, SpiroSmart, Growler On Board

Show Notes:

1. iOS6: With the launch of the iPhone 5, which may seem like old news by now, Apple also released iOS6. And, you can safely assume that we have much to say about some of our favorite and not so favorite updates and features.

2. Fitbit One + Fitbit Zip: Fitbit, the fabulous activity monitor, has two new brag-worthy products - Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip. The former tracks your steps, distance, stairs climed, calories burned, and sleep quality while the latter is smaller and boasts similar features, with the exception of tracking your zzzz's. 

Twitter: @fitbit

3. SpiroSmart: An app that allows you to measure your lung capacity with your phone. Mad props to the team of students at University of Washington's Ubicomp Lab who developed this highly practical, medical app. It's precise, accurate, and just plain extraordinary.

4. Growler On Board: Who doesn't love a good growler? Well, if you love your growler as much as your child, which, granted, is highly HIGHLY unlikely (we hope!) - though it may come in second or third - you'll love this so-called 'Beer Transport Unit'.  

Happy geeking!

G + Kyra


Episode 55 - Nikon D600, LearnVest, YouTube App for iOS, Salt + Water Lantern, Prepara Dressing Whiz

Show Notes:

1. Nikon D600: We love Nikon and have been shooting with it for years. They recently introduced the D600, a full-frame that is not only smaller and lighter than its counterparts, but less expensive as well. 

Twitter: @NikonUSA

2. LearnVest: Formerly a woman-focused financial planning company, LearnVest has now opened its doors, so to speak, to the entire world. And, they've updated their site and offerings...including a Money Center.

Twitter: @LearnVest

3. YouTube App for iOS: It's about time, right? Hahaha...  YouTube now has an app for you to download to your iPhone and iPad. We're super excited to start using it!

Twitter: @YouTube

4. Salt + Water Lantern: A product of Japan's Greenhouse, this lantern runs on - you probably didn't guess it - water and salt. Random, I know. But, cool? Definitely. This lantern is perfect for camping and on-the-go usage.

5. Prepara Dressing Whiz: If you're into experimenting in the kitchen and making your own salad dressing, this product is worth checking out. It's a small blender specifically for dressing. Also available on Amazon.

Twitter: @prepara

Happy geeking!

G + Kyra


Episode 54: iPhone 5, JBL's Flip / Micro Wireless / Micro II, DipJar, Cooler Bag

We're baaaccckk...again! I can feel the excitement. =)

Show Notes:

1. iPhone 5 (with a small rumor-induced question mark): For some reason, it feels like it’s been ages since the release of a new iPhone. Finally, the day has (almost) arrived! The event is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 12th. So, get ready for the currently still slightly unofficial but likely soon-to-be official unveiling...we’re oh-so-thrilled!

2. JBL's Latest Portable Speakers: JBL has released three awesome new speakers - the Flip, Micro Wireless, and Micro II. They’re highly portable, fitting into your pocket or backpack, with built-in bass. Oh, and it gets better. They’re unbelievably affordable! We love JBL. 

Twitter: @JBLaudio

3. DipJar: Imagine a bill-free tip jar? Yes, it now exists and goes by the name: DipJar. So, the next time you go to grab a coffee at one of the Seattle-based staples and you feel inspired to give your favorite barista or latte-ista a tip, you can do so with the simple swipe of your credit card, well, assuming they have it set up. 

Twitter: @dipjar

4. Cooler Bag: Bring on the six pack of your beverage of choice because there’s a new, functional, designer-ish cooler making the rounds. We love this concept for all those Sunday tailgating parties, the weekday office lunch ritual, or both! Major credit to the designer, Jakob Wagner for Menu A/S Denmark. For more information, check out the Plastica Shop and Swiss-Miss.

Beaucoup de thanks to you all for tuning in again! xoxo

Happy geeking!

G + Kyra


Episode 53 - Big Jambox, Philips' LED Bulb, UPPLEVA by Ikea, Cherry Car Wash

Show Notes:

We realize it's been a while, but we welcomed a new addition to the family recently. And, as you can imagine, much of our time has been focused on him. Anyway, we're finally back and ready to chat! 

1. Big Jambox: Jawbone has done it again. The older, more sophisticated brother of the original Jambox, the latest version creates a portable, hi-fi sound system of sorts with your iPhone, tablet, or other mobile device.

Twitter: @Jawbone

2. Philips Wins the L Prize: If you're one to follow the happenings around Earth Day, then you'll likely be interested to know what you can do to make your house more energy-efficient. Look no further than Philips' award-winning LED replacement bulb, available at Home Depot. 

Twitter: @PhilipsLight

3. UPPLEVA: Ikea, from a design and price-point perspective, is pure briiliance. And, their UPPLEVA TV stand is all kinds of cool. Everything is pretty much built into it. We'll take 2, please! 

Twitter: @DesignByIKEA

4. Cherry: Now that winter is over, it's time to get on that whole regular car washing thing. And, Cherry is a new service that will help you get a car wash anywhere you'd like (via a fully-trained, totally legit person).

Twitter: @Cherry

Happy geeking!

G + Kyra


Episode 52 - OneID, FreedomPop, YouTube Editor, Scrubba Wash Bag, SeatGuru

Show Notes:

1. OneID: A service that's highly secure that will let you say a happy 'ciao' to all those usernames and passwords you've been forced to input to access and purchase from your favorite sites? Yes, please!

Twitter: @OneID

2. FreedomPop: This company will be offering a 1GB data plan...for free. That's right, it will be free.  

Twitter: @freedompop1

3. YouTube Editor: Even though the Editor has been around, they've added some new enhancement features, including a stabilizer and a way to color-correct and brighten your homemade videos.

Twitter: @YouTube

4. Scrubba: The coolest wash bag ever --- this bag is compact and has grooves inside that make washing your clothes while you're traveling, on the go, and backpacking / camping, much easier.

Twitter: @TheScrubba

5. SeatGuru: This awesome site that gives you all kinds of great advice about airline seating has released their iPhone app. 

Twitter: @SeatGuru

Happy geeking!

G + Kyra


Episode 51 - Geode by iCache, iHome iW2,, Swivl, Pipe

Show Notes:

1. Geode: Developed by iCache (and featured on Kickstarter - woo!), this iPhone case also just so happens to be a digital wallet. So, get ready to discard all those credit and rewards cards in your wallet for this awesome product!

Twitter: @GeodeWallet

2. iW2: iHome has announced the release of the iW2 airplay speaker, which uses your home WiFi and airplay technology to stream music to your speakers.

Twitter: @iHome

3. This app, originally developed and launched in Germany, allows you to act as DJ around the world. Just create a playlist, click play, and people all over the world can listen!  

Twitter: @wahwahfm

4. Swivl: If you love creating YouTube videos of yourself, you should definitely check out this fantastic motion-tracking dock for your iPhone. For those who know what this is, yes, they've shipped. :)

Twitter: @goswivl

5. Pipe: That's right, you can now send massive files to your family and friends via Facebook with Pipe. Per their website, they're moving into 'private beta', so sign up now.  

Happy geeking!

G + Kyra


Episode 50 - New iPad, iOS 5.1, Live Streaming of Olympics, ScootNetworks, Nature Valley Trail View, Tweet a Beer

Show Notes:

It's our half-century episode! Which means we've been doing this for a full year, and change. Very exciting. 

1. New iPad: So, as anticipated, the March 7th Apple event was all about the latest generation of the iPad, not aptly named the 'iPad 3'. It's a bit faster and has a retina display, but, generally speaking, it's quite similar...albeit still as beautiful as ever. 

2. iOS 5.1: In addition to launching the new iPad, Apple has brought us an updated version of iOS. So, jump up and down with glee and download the software update.

3. Live Streaming of the Olympics: Gone are the days of misisng some of your favorite events at this global extravaganza. NBC has partnered with YouTube in a live streaming effort - starting July 27th!

Twitter: @London2012, YouTube, @nbc

4. Scoot Networks: If you like the concept of the ZipCar, you'll love this service specifically for scooters. And, the good news? Since they only go 30mph, you don't even need a special motorcycle license.  

Twitter: @ScootNetworks

5. Nature Valley Trail View: Combine Nature Valley, of the granola scene, with a bunch of hikers plus a tripod + camera + the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and the Great Smokies, and you get the 'trail view' version of some of America's greatest natural wonders.

Twitter: @Nature_Valley

6. Tweet a Beer: Yep, it's just what it sounds like. You can buy someone else a beer via your Twitter account. Quelle service!

Twitter: @tweet_a_beer

Happy geeking!

G + Kyra


Episode 49 - Apple iPad3 Event, Tulip Lantern, Fader Highlighter, Karma, Photoshop Touch App

Show Notes

1. Apple Event: It's been a while, but Apple will be holding an event, dubbed the iPad 3 event - yes, officially. Scheduled to take place on March 7th, this event should be exciting! Now, the only question is whether we should wait in line at 4am for the next generation iPad.  

2. Tulip Lantern: Somewhat as the name implies, this camping and outdoorsy lantern, another awesome product by Snow Peak, will automatically change its glow based on the position it's in.  

Twitter: @Snow_Peak

3. Fader Highlighter: Quirky can really do no wrong. They've developed a highlighter that actually fades after 5 months of use. So, go ahead and sell your used textbooks for almost full price. 

Twitter: @quirky

4. Karma: The concept of this new start-up is simple and super cool. You can now send gifts to your Facebook friends without having to get their address with the Karma app. Get it.  

Twitter: @GetKarma

5. Photoshop Touch for iPad 2: Adobe just announced the release of an app made specifically for the iPad 2 that allows you to use such classic features as layers, selection tools, and filters.  

Twitter: @Photoshop

Happy geeking!

G + Kyra


Episode 48 - Cinemagram, Lemon, Tugg, Striiv

Show Notes:

1. Cinemagram: Think video meets photo. That's what a cinemagraph is...such an insanely cool, yet slightly eerie, concept. Well, this new app lets you create your own! Downloadable via the iTunes app store.

Twitter: @cinemagram

2. 3.0: Track your receipts and financial transactions with Not much could better, well, except maybe being able to categorize and pool your expenses. All possible with their latest iteration. 

Twitter: @GetLemons

3.  Tugg: Interested in re-watching your favorite classic movie in the movie theatre? With Tugg, you can do just this with a few super easy steps. Look for pilot testing in your hometown / city!

Twitter: @TuggInc

4. Striiv: Pronounced as "strive", this little device is one the latest health-oriented gadgets to get you walking...but this time for a cause. We love the concept and are so tempted to purchase one.

Twitter: @striiv

Happy Oscars weekend and, of course, happy geeking!

G + Kyra


Episode 47 - Chick-a-Dee Smoke Detector, Beam Toothbrush, Protection Sock, Clear App for iPhone, Donkey.Bas

Show Notes:

1. Chick-a-Dee ® Smoke Detector: Gone are the days (hopefully!) of being forced to climb the ladder to turn off the fire alarm while cooking. Enter a detector that works on the sounds of, yes, a bird. 

2. Beam Toothbrush: I think we're all guilty of ending our brushing sessions a bit early, even though we know we should put in a full 2 minutes...or whatever. This Bluetooth-enabled brush actually transmits your brushing 'stats' via a smartphone app so you can track your time, etc. 

Twitter: @beambrush

3. Protection Sock: The Swiss Barefoot Company has just launched, you guessed it, socks that you can actually wear outside. They look like socks and they have toes built in, much like those 5-fingered shoes by Vibram.

Twitter: @barfussschultz

4. 'Clear' for iPhone: We love to-do lists. I mean, who doesn't? And, this new app for the iPhone is all kinds of awesome for people who feel the need to be constantly organized.  

Twitter: @realmacsoftware

5. Donkey.Bas: ...the comeback! The game, developed long, long ago by one of our favorite non-resident, globally-minded geniuses, Bill Gates, is now available on the iPhone and iPad. Retro games are the best.


Happy geeking!

G + Kyra