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Episode 51 - Geode by iCache, iHome iW2,, Swivl, Pipe

Show Notes:

1. Geode: Developed by iCache (and featured on Kickstarter - woo!), this iPhone case also just so happens to be a digital wallet. So, get ready to discard all those credit and rewards cards in your wallet for this awesome product!

Twitter: @GeodeWallet

2. iW2: iHome has announced the release of the iW2 airplay speaker, which uses your home WiFi and airplay technology to stream music to your speakers.

Twitter: @iHome

3. This app, originally developed and launched in Germany, allows you to act as DJ around the world. Just create a playlist, click play, and people all over the world can listen!  

Twitter: @wahwahfm

4. Swivl: If you love creating YouTube videos of yourself, you should definitely check out this fantastic motion-tracking dock for your iPhone. For those who know what this is, yes, they've shipped. :)

Twitter: @goswivl

5. Pipe: That's right, you can now send massive files to your family and friends via Facebook with Pipe. Per their website, they're moving into 'private beta', so sign up now.  

Happy geeking!

G + Kyra

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