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Episode 52 - OneID, FreedomPop, YouTube Editor, Scrubba Wash Bag, SeatGuru

Show Notes:

1. OneID: A service that's highly secure that will let you say a happy 'ciao' to all those usernames and passwords you've been forced to input to access and purchase from your favorite sites? Yes, please!

Twitter: @OneID

2. FreedomPop: This company will be offering a 1GB data plan...for free. That's right, it will be free.  

Twitter: @freedompop1

3. YouTube Editor: Even though the Editor has been around, they've added some new enhancement features, including a stabilizer and a way to color-correct and brighten your homemade videos.

Twitter: @YouTube

4. Scrubba: The coolest wash bag ever --- this bag is compact and has grooves inside that make washing your clothes while you're traveling, on the go, and backpacking / camping, much easier.

Twitter: @TheScrubba

5. SeatGuru: This awesome site that gives you all kinds of great advice about airline seating has released their iPhone app. 

Twitter: @SeatGuru

Happy geeking!

G + Kyra

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